Plasterers in St Albans: J C Moffat

Came across a fantastic plasterer from the St Albans area his name is Jason Moffat. How he came to my attention was he had a excellent youtube video that introduced him and told me what kind of aspects he covers in plastering, I typed plasterers St Albans.

Gypsum is a construction material for the protective layer and / or decorative walls and 
ceilings and is cast for molding and decorative elements. [1] In English, "patches" usually 
means a material for the interior decoration of buildings used as "rendering" to external 
applications refers frequently. [2] Another imprecise term for the material is stucco, which 
is also often used for stucco, is a way of making relief decoration, rather than flat surfaces.

The most common types of gypsum contain either mainly gypsum, lime or cement, [3], but all 
operate similarly. The plaster is prepared and mixed with water to form a thick paste, 
but used immediately before is applied to the surface in the form of a dry powder. 
The reaction with water forming heat cures due to crystallization and hydrated gypsum.

Gypsum can be relatively easy to work with metal tools or even sandpaper and can be molded
on site or in advance make preformed sections which are brought in place with adhesive. 
Gypsum is not a solid material; It is suitable for the equipment instead cradle charging 
and when it is applied in a thick layer for decorating, require a hidden frame support, 
generally made of metal.

Plaster molds many other applications, such as orthopedic medical plasters have often been used to support the fractured bone. Various types of models and molds made of plaster. In the Art lime plaster matrix is ​​the traditional wall painting; the pigment is applied to a thin wet top layer of plaster and merge with it, so that the color actually plaster color. In the old world, and the type of ornamental designs in plaster relief, which are still used, the patch has also widely to provide for the walls large figurative reliefs, although some of them have survived.